Monday, September 6, 2010


Today, after finishing my sahur, i scroll down to find a few quotes. You know, at first they are just for fun. But after sometimes, i found them really inspiring. hehe.especially about love. so sweet~. I wish that i have the creativity in writing such a beautiful words. So,i can create one for my loved one. Maybe it can be one way how i am going to express my love. Waa, so so romantic. hehe. Here are the best quotes of the day as i like to share it with you guys. Read them, feel them!^^

And this goes to me. haha~

Have a nice fasting day!Appreciate your loved one.^^

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Salam Lebaran

Kad ini dibuat khas tuk semua yg mengenali sy..klu xknal wat2 knal pn xpew..hehe...kat sini,sy nak mintak maaf bnyak2 kt sape2 yg rase sy dh wat salah..maaf zahir & batin..0-0 eyh..bulan yg mulia nie kte kne saling maaf-maafan..wlupn kdg2 org yg wat slah kt kter,tp xmntk maaf pn kt kite,kte kne lar buang prasaan marah kt org tue...huhu..kpd semua knalan sy,jgn luper bwk kueh raya byk2 blik utm nnt ...ngeee~XD

korea,korea n korea again~

This time,i just want to share a link. Any korean movies, dramas or even MV can be found in this blog. Really2 love it. Here i got some suggestions about the latest korean dramas.

~A man called god
~Bad man
~Mischievious Kiss
~My Gf is a Gumiho
~You Pet
~Bread, love and dreams
~Coffee House
~Prosecutor Princess

There are a lot more. Other than that,you can also have various of japanese dramas..So,find it yourself. Haha..This is the blog-----> click this link..ENJOY!^^